He Makes Beautiful Things Out of Nothing

He determined in advance that through Yeshua the Messiah we would be His sons – in keeping with His pleasure and purpose – so that we would bring Him praise commensurate with the glory of the grace He gave us through the Beloved One. (Eph. 1:5-6)

God decided before creation that He wanted a family; it was His purpose all along and it was His pleasure to follow through with His purpose even though He knew what our choice would be in choosing sin, and what it would cost Him because of that. Now that is love! He would have to accomplish His plan through Jesus – through His death, the shedding of His blood; through the cross… He decided we were worth it all!

God not only desires a family – His desire is for a family that gives praise to Him equal to the glory of the grace He has given us through Jesus. That praise, I believe, could be in two different forms – one being the adoration and worship we give Him in and through our daily lives as we surrender to His Lordship. The other form, I feel, could come through others who see Him in and through us, and give glory to His name because of our witness.

The grace He gives us has its own glory – it is glorious because of who He is and who we are – we were nothing and yet He gave us great honor and worth by choosing us and laying down His life for us. Now we are something – sons and daughters of the most High God, the King of all kings, and the Lord of all lords – and that is completely amazing and astonishing!

Now, we bestow that glory because of what He has done for us. He gave it to us, meaning it was a gift, and it was free to us; not to Him; and it is something we cannot earn, but simply receive with gratitude and awe.

Jesus is the Beloved One – beloved by the Father for who He is and what He accomplished. Beloved by us for the awesome demonstration of love He bestowed upon us and for us. He gave ALL that He could possibly give for love… He is worthy of all praise and honor and glory!


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Author Charlene Hughes - Lover of Jesus, wife, mother, author, founder of Restoration A.C.T.S., and Young Living Executive Leader/Distributor

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