4 Steps to Having Peace in Troubled Times

london-riotThese times we are living in are unprecedented in our lifetimes in terms of the amount of chaos, turmoil, upheaval, and shaking that is taking place in nearly every segment of society. With nearly constant threats of violence, terrorism, hatred, protests, riots, and the like, it is difficult, to say the least, to find a place of peace. Natural disasters seem to be increasing as well; nowhere seems safe anymore. Yet Jesus clearly warned us that times like this would occur, “I have told you these things, so that in Me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” (John 16:33) This, and other warnings He gave, were not meant to put us in fear, but to prepare us so that we would not be blind-sided and panic. 

According to this passage, there are four steps to finding and keeping our peace in the midst of turmoil:

  1. Realize God knows everything. He knew this would happen, so He’s not surprised at all. He is not fretting or wringing His hands or worried. He has a plan and it is good, because He is. Though He doesn’t control everything, He is still on the throne and will always be. (See my article, Is God Really in Control? for my views on that topic).
  2. Understand that it is only in Him we will find peace. He is our peace. He is our place of rest, safety, and protection. He is with us, in us, and for us, therefore who can really be against us? We find peace in His nature, that in spite of trials and troubles, He is good and always has our best interest at heart. He works all of the circumstances of life together for our ultimate good. He may not keep us from trouble, but He walks through it with us, and will never abandon us.
  3. Know that the world and its ways will bring trouble. The spirit of this age is violently opposed to God and His ways. Jesus told us that the world hated Him, and would also hate us. (John 15:18) James said that friendship with the world meant hatred towards God. (James 4:4) To expect otherwise is to deceive ourselves.
  4. Jesus tells us to “take heart,” meaning, to be of good cheer; be of good courage; to be bold in the face of troubles! How can we be bold in the face of persecution, hatred, and violence? By knowing He has overcome this world. He was subjected to the worst possible violence, persecution and hatred. He was even betrayed by those closest to Him. He endured the greatest injustice of human history, yet He overcame it because of His love for us. Because He conquered every foe and came out victorious, so will we!

The more we meditate upon God’s nature as seen in His Word, the more we will know Him as He really is. Many in the Church still view Him as angry, vengeful, nit-picking, and perfectionistic. Too often He is believed to be judgmental, displeased, and disgusted with us in our weaknesses and failures. These ungodly views do not facilitate peace in our relationship with Him. We must get healed and free from these ways of seeing Him if we ever hope to have peace in our lives. The more we know Him, the greater our peace in the midst of any storm.










Exciting News!

This week, instead of my usual post, I want to announce some exciting news for those who have not yet heard. For over a year, I’ve been working on writing and publishing my first book and I’m delighted to say it will be available within the next week or two! The title is Rivers of Living Water – A Devotional Journey to Intimacy with GodIt is a daily devotional, 428 pages in length, and is published by West Bow Press, a division of Thomas Nelson and Zondervan Publishing.

The daily readings were taken from several of my personal journals that include Scripture meditations and prayers, and God’s responses back to me. It is filled with words of encouragement, comfort, and gentle correction that can apply to any believer, regardless of age, gender, or whatever stage you are at in your personal walk with God. I believe this book will inspire you to go deeper in intimacy in your own relationship with Him.

This book is the fulfillment of a life long dream I’ve had. I am so grateful for the Lord’s grace to enable me to accomplish it. I am also thankful for those who prayed for and encouraged me along the way. In addition, I am greatly appreciative for my wonderful husband, who believed in and supported me throughout the process.

I’ve included an excerpt below to give you an idea of what the book contains. It will be available to order through the website of West Bow Press, my own personal website (coming soon), and any retail book store. I will post further details on how to order once it is available. I encourage you to get a copy, give some to friends/family (Christmas will be here soon!), and share it with friends, family members, co-workers, neighbors, etc. And I would love to hear your feedback as well!

Day 52

I keep asking that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the glorious Father, mayRivers of Living Water cover give you the Spirit of wisdom and revelation, so that you may know Him better. –Ephesians 1:17

Thank You for the spirit of wisdom and revelation, Lord. I ask You to pour it out on me, saturate me in it so I can have full knowledge of You, for You are the one great desire of my heart and I want to know You more.

Yes, My beloved child, and you shall indeed know Me more as you continue asking and seeking My face. It is My great delight to reveal more of Myself, for being sought and pursued by My children gives Me such great pleasure. My heart is ravished with the simple reach of a heart towards Me, though many see their efforts as weak and feeble. My passion for those who are Mine is so much greater than you are able to comprehend, but you will have all of eternity to discover and plumb the depths of it! I will give more to all who continue to ask, to seek, and to knock, for I reward all who diligently seek Me. You will surely find Me when you seek Me with all your heart.


Book Preview

My child, I love to teach you as we walk together, side by side, day after day; and I will continue to for all of eternity. I AM training you to use the eyes of your heart more than your natural eyes. Follow the leading of My Spirit, and you will gain deeper clarity into the hidden truths of My Word. Think of it as a treasure hunt we play – there are hidden treasures to seek out and search for and as you uncover each one, you are filled with joy and delight!  I love to watch you ponder and wonder and meditate upon what I  show you – keep asking, My child, for it will be given to you;  keep seeking and you will find; keep knocking, for I will open doors of revelation to you that you cannot imagine right now.

It is My glory to conceal a matter and the glory of My sons and daughters to search it out. When you come with the curiosity of a small child, you will find all you are looking for and more on top of that! These are days of grace, and I have much grace for you in this process of learning and discovering the depths of who I AM and long to be for you – have fun with it, My love, for I take pleasure in teaching you and seeing you blossom and grow! You are Mine!

Rivers of Living Water excerpt

My child, you were made to know by experience the height, depth, length and width of My love for you – to bask in it, feast on it, revel in it all the days of your life and throughout all eternity. You were made for My pleasure and it is My good pleasure to lavish My extravagant love upon you. It gives Me even greater pleasure when you respond by enjoying and desiring My love and pouring it back upon Me. I AM indeed jealous for your heart, your affection, your devotion, and your passion – I long continually for your attention, for My attention is continually upon you.

Rivers of Living Water Preview

I am currently working on writing my first book to be entitled, Rivers of Living Water and Rivers-of-Living-Waterwill be posting previews from it here on my blog. The following is one such preview:

My child, you have come far in your growth, and though you are not where you want to be or think you ought to be, I AM nevertheless well pleased with where you are and how you are growing. I AM patient and kind toward you even in your struggles, immaturity, and insecurity for I see where I AM taking you and I have declared over you – “It is finished.” Rest in My promise that I will complete the good work I have begun in you and you will come forth as pure gold.

Even now, you are altogether lovely to Me, for you look like Me much more than you are able to realize. All is well; you are growing as you should be and your desire to do so is perfectly in line with My will and intentions for you, therefore, it will come to pass. Rest in My love, for you are My beloved.

Rivers of Living Water Preview

My child, you are Mine and I AM yours and I have chosen you for such a time as this. I took great delight in choosing you and making Myself known to you. There are wonders yet to be seen and you will rejoice in all that I will reveal as you continue coming to know Me more.

I love to unfold My Word to you as you continue to come and eat from My banqueting table. Each day I will give you fresh meat and fresh bread and you will eat and be satisfied. You will then turn and feed others and they too will be filled and will come to know Me, the Lover of their souls, through our intimacy. So keep feasting upon My Word for I AM the Word made flesh, and you will be both blessed and a blessing to many hungry souls who have not yet learned to partake for themselves.