Thoughts From My Heart this Christmas

starofwonderChristmas is upon us once again followed by another New Year. It seems every year goes by faster and faster. Looking back often seems like a blur of days, weeks, and months, with brief moments suspended in time, highlighted in our memories. Some are joyful, some are painful, sprinkled amongst the seemingly mundaneness of daily life. Over the past several years, for me, December has been a time to reflect on the past year, evaluating both the progress and failures made. It is an opportunity to remember those who are no longer with us and to treasure the days with those who are.

If it is God’s will, a brand new year awaits us, offering new possibilities, new friends, new experiences, new chances to learn new things, and new challenges. We should approach this coming year with the eyes of faith, expectant and hopeful of seeing the goodness of the Lord. I sense that this new year is going to be full of changes. Change is good, but not always welcome or easy. We are creatures of habit, too often stuck in the ruts of our ways. But complacency is not true life, rather it is just existing, trying to get through each day, content to stay in the rut. I sense God is not going to let us continue to stay in that place, at least, those who are hungry for something they have yet to experience.

Most of this month, I have felt an unusual restlessness in my spirit. Though difficult to describe, it’s like I know something is coming. I sense big changes are brewing, possibly very soon, but I have no clue what it is or looks like. I’ve had a similar feeling before, though it’s been several years. I just know that I can’t stay here, in this place, any longer. There is more out there, somewhere, and it is calling out to me. It may not have anything to do with physically moving or leaving a location, in fact, I’m fairly certain it’s not that at all. It is a deep stirring in my spirit, a “deep calls out to deep” feeling that only God can answer. It feels like a “kairos” moment is fast approaching. And the longing within me is quickly reaching a level that is greater than my fear of the unknown. Yes, I’ve been here before, and it’s a dangerous place to be. If you can relate at all, you know what I mean. It is one of those “I can’t go back to life as usual ever again” kind of moments.

I am reminded that my life is not my own, I was bought at a great price. My heart, and all that I am belongs to the Lover of my soul. He has led me through some difficult places, but He has never led me astray and He never will. Wherever He leads, by His grace, I will follow, knowing that His heart toward me is full of incomprehensible love. If you are reading this, these same things are true for you as well. He will not take anyone deeper than we are willing to go. His offer is for “whosoever will.” Whosoever will lay down their fears, their plans, their agendas, even their dreams, and follow Him wherever He may go.  What about you? Do you hear Him calling you to come deeper? Do you feel a holy discontent with life as usual? If you are, I encourage you to take a leap of faith and see where He takes you. Your life will never be the same.

P.S. I will be taking a short break for the next couple of weeks to enjoy my family during the holidays. I pray you have a wonder-full Christmas season and a joyous New Year!





Happy New Year!

Well, it’s been a while since my last post, September 7th to be exact. As I wrote then, I had major surgery on the 22nd and have had a much longer recovery time than expected. I have spent the last couple of months processing all the Lord has shown me during this difficult time, and hope to have some helpful insights to share with you this year. All that we experience in this life is not meant just for us, but for the benefit of His body as we grow together into maturity and unity.

In addition to recovering from surgery, I also lost my dad two weeks before Christmas. His death was sudden and unexpected, making our holiday season even more painful. Yet, as I last wrote, God remains faithful, and cannot ever be unfaithful for it would deny His nature. This is good news! Praying each of you have a blessed and healthy New Year, spirit, soul, and body.

A Note of Thanks

I decided to take time this week just to thank you for following and taking time to read thank youmy blog. It isn’t always easy to come up with topics to write about each week, so the fact that you do make the effort makes it worth the struggle! I appreciate your “likes” and comments, and would love to hear more! I am always so encouraged to hear how a particular article spoke to you or how God used it to reveal something new. If there is a topic of interest you have in the area of prayer, healing, spiritual growth/maturity, please let me know, I’ll be glad to put together my thoughts on it. I would love to hear from you, and thank you again for your support!

Taking a Break For the Holidays

it’s that crazy time of year again, only I have (finally) learned at this stage of my life how to avoid the craziness. For imagethe past several years, I have taken off most of the month of December so that I can take time to pray and look back on the year. I spend time asking the Lord if there are changes I need to make in my life, family, ministry, and seeking Him for new direction, vision, strategies, and wisdom as I prepare for the New Year. This is the first December since I began blogging, so I felt led to also take a break for the remainder of this month.

My prayer for each of you is that you will discover, for the first time, or in a greater way, the love of Jesus during this season.  For those who will be missing loved ones, I pray His love and peace would comfort and sustain you. For those who will be alone, I pray His presence would be very real and tangible to you. He is always with you! For those who will be with family or friends that are difficult, I pray His grace would enable you to love them with His love. And for those who enjoy their family or friends, I pray your joy will be full to overflowing, touching those beyond your circle. May we each count our many blessings, for there is always reason to give thanks to Him!

New Website and Blog Coming Soon!

Here’s a quick update on what’s been going on lately. I am working on a new website under constructionwebsite that will give more information on my new book, Rivers of Living Water: A Devotional Journey to Intimacy with God, as well as my ministry, Restoration A.C.T.S. I will also be updating the blog site as well, which is why I won’t be posting this week. Changes should be complete by next week, so swing by and check it out! Thanks so much for following my blog, please feel free to share with others you know who might benefit from it.


Charlene Hughes